Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Foundation Review: NYC

Foundation Review: Smooth Skin Liquid Foundation (oil free) - Natural Buff

I used to search high & low for a good foundation that would not cause my combination/sensitive skin to break-out. I found that just because a product says it won't clog pores doesn't mean it won't clog mine!
I spotted NYC Smooth Skin Liquid Makeup at Superdrug. After seeing the inexpensive price tag of £3.99 (and the fact that it's oil free) I decided I was willing to try it and give it to my sister it if I hated it.
That was about 2 weeks ago, and I haven't looked back. This stuff is fantastic!
It offers excellent coverage, the consistency is somewhat like ketchup, as well a being very, very blendable. It does not "set" right away like some other foundations, so blendability is exceptional. Not once has this caused a breakout, AND it stays on all day. It also washes off very easily.
Most of the time, I need light to medium coverage from a foundation. That's another selling point for me with this makeup. When I need a little more coverage than usual, this stuff doesn't have the tendency to cake like other foundations I've tried. Another plus for me is that..I hate concealers. They tend to be cakey and oily. So I use this product as a concealer, too!
After application, if I have a blemish or any other skin imperfection that I want to cover, I use either a cotton-wool bud to apply a little extra product or my concealer brush. I dip the cotton-wool bud/concealer brush very lightly into the cap where some of the product resides, due to the bottle being shaken before opening, and get a very small amount of foundation on it. I then lightly dab the swab on a tissue to remove excess as it takes very little to work, then dab onto the skin imperfection & Voila! Imperfection gone. (I have tried this trick using other foundations, and it doesn't work if the foundation is runny.)
If you tend to have oily skin, It's better if you rarely use powder to set the foundation except on your t-zone. It doesn't mattify the skin, & it leaves more of a healthy glow. This foundation is mainly available at Superdrug & is a product in many stores around the world. (It's also readily available online.)
The company claims this product is: Fragrance-free Oil-Free formula absorbs shine naturally, without clogging pores Perfect for all skin types I would agree with the claims without reservation.
This foundation is available in Natural Buff, Sandy Beige, True Beige, Spiced Beige, and Natural Tan. You can view this and other New York Color products at

This foundation is excellent & I highly reccommend it!

If you would like to know anymore about this product, please do not hesitate to contact me (: just comment below & I will get back to you a.s.a.p
Thank you my lovelies


  1. I shall look for this and try it on. Thanks for the lovely review you got here. Im always on a hunt for the cheap foundation that can MAYBE replace my beloved SHEER GLOW

  2. Thanks for the review~ have not tried this!
    Lovely weekend*